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One of the biggest challenges that we face as a species is our exponential population growth. This is easily one of the most dire problems we face yet no one is talking about it, despite the fact that there are already more people than the earth can sustain and we're growing exponentially. Like many other doomsday-esque problems we face, there is a silent agreement not to talk about it. It is taboo. But if we're not to kid ourselves about where we stand in relation to these frightening issues then it is time for humanity to begin a conversation about all that is doomsday-esque, including population growth.

It may come as a surprise, but we are actually already, in our present condition, fully equipped with the social technology to democratically deliberate an agreed upon solution for exponential population growth--even if that agreed upon solution is to do nothing and accept our destined destruction.

There exists a little known but incredibly powerful democratic process for solving nationwide/worldwide disagreements for the greatest benefit of the whole. The name of this social technology/democratic process is Citizen Consensus Councils or Citizen Deliberative Councils. The process has settled cutthroat debates in both America and Canada. It is ingenious but simple: One or more citizens is scientifically chosen from each and every demographic that will be affected by the outcome of a political decision. Each person, or small group of people, are selected to represent a larger segment of the population via their differing view points/racial/economic background along the political spectrum. 

The scientifically elected representatives, which together speak for the population as a whole are then presented with the problem at hand. They are educated about the facts and the different plausible options/solutions... and they are encouraged to bring to the table their own creative solutions. Their discussion, all the meanwhile, is facilitated by a conflict resolution specialist. And eventually, after days/weeks of deliberation they arrive at a solution that is in the best interest of the whole.

This incredibly powerful democratic process needs to be practiced and applied more often.  It has worked wonders in Canada, solving the cut throat debate between Quebec separatists and the nationalists and it has been used successfully in America to solve cutthroat debates as well. I would like to also suggest to the creative mind of the reader the possibility of involving an even larger audience and participation by combining the process of the Citizen Consensus Council with the communicative technologies of the internet.

If you are interested in learning more about creative democratic processes including CCC and CDC check out the book The Tao of Democracy by Tom Atlee. It comes highly recommended.

Overpopulation and Democracy

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